Purgatory, 2011
I doodled through meetings and phone calls with one ear on the conversation, and as a result, managed to glean information from co-workers about public health and dysfunction within the American healthcare system. We worked closely with counterparts in Europe who benefitted from much more worker-friendly policies including generous vacation time. In addition, I observed and experienced how the American corporate workplace and capitalistic "work ethic" can undermine healthy living, discourage innovation, contribute to a stressful family life, crush creativity and ultimately leach the life-force out of people. ​​​​​​​
My Stapler Gently Weeps
Busy at Work
While conducting "business" activities on the phone, I doodled incessantly and unintentionally on the same post-it notes that contained important organizational information. These notes covered my desk like a tablecloth. When my work area finally became too cluttered, I arranged them into formations to create new compositions. See examples below. The image above was selected for American Illustration 31. 
Meeting Notes
Department meetings-- seemingly infinite speechifying blabfests freckled with (to the untrained ear) cryptic corporate-ese, abstract job goals, confusing jabber, and word salad blather managed to consume large chunks of time, and accomplish so little. People were doing real and very important work on a daily basis, but it did not translate accurately during these interminable meetings. To pass the time, I started taking meticulous "notes" during the meetings. Here is a sample:
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