"What is happening?" Personal project, 2016
I wanted to draw something truly terrifying for Halloween 2020. This ghoul emerged from my pencil.
"Mother Nature is Angry," work in progress, 2021
Halloween gif, 2019
"Lactose Intolerance," 2015
"Let's Dance," 2017
ICON9 The Illustration Conference Austin, Motion Commotion Call for Entries promo using ICON9 poster elements created by Eleanor Davis
ICON9 Austin, Motion Commotion Call Promo collaboration with Katherine Streeter
"Mortality Meditation," collaboration with Delia Marie Mandik, 2017
"What is Happening" half-size
"Drunk Rabbits Drink Bourbon," excerpt from animated short, "A Chicken Dream," 2009
Poetry Foundation promo for 2015 summer party
Art Director, Fred Sasaki
"Foursome," personal project, 2015
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