The Happy Hour, a reality show drama that takes place in a downtown bar after a day of work.
Danger Della, a comedy about a diabolical administration assistant.
The Toxic Octet has a title, cast and poster. In need of plot, dialogue and a premise. Or maybe it's a Sunday morning news panel show.
Dancing with Furniture, no further explanation required
Spatula Handz & Her Gurlz, flipping justice, flipping pancakes. Smacking villains, flip your burger. Smash a window, fry an egg. Savior on the streets, superhero at the grill.
Fish Squad, a detective drama that explores the gritty underworld of undersea justice
The Commute, a show about public transit, with musical interludes.
1881: Swim the River Siwomo, a musical period drama that features a large cast of duplicitous characters embroiled in a snakepit of malarkey.
Backside of the program.
The Hedgehog Inhibitors is a soap opera that features two family dynasties that operate in the daring realm of Big Pharma.
Award shows are very important to the television universe. The Oscurd Awards rewards excellence in award shows.
Freeze Parade is a talent show conducted during a blizzard! Good times!
Fish Clubb is a combo slow roll/fish debate; the fish discuss current events while swimming at a leisurely pace.
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