Illustration of a Harlequin duck for Spring 2006 article, "Harlequin Romance," by Krista Schlyer and Amy Grisak. 
Art Director Scott Kirkwood
Spreads from the magazine
Fall 2008 illustration for "On Asphalt Trails," written by poet, journalist and activist Laura Hershey about her experience as a paraplegic hiker interacting with animals, nature and other park visitors while navigating paths in National Parks. 
A few years later, Hershey reached out to tell me that she was very pleased with this illustration-- that she found the drawing to be "beautiful and evocative." She asked me to design the cover for her poetry chapbook, "Spark Before Dark." As I was finishing the cover, it was my great sadness to receive an email from her partner that she tragically and unexpectedly passed away over the 2011 Thanksgiving weekend. I submitted my final artwork to her partner and she made sure that her chapbook was published, as that was the wish of Laura.
Art Direction by Sarah Rutherford
Cover illustration for Laura Hershey's poetry Chap Book
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