Vlad the Destroyer
The Inner Soul of Mitch the Cynic
This gif was selected for the International Motion Art Award 9, 2020
I watched a fair amount of first impeachment hearing of President Trump, and found it to be very interesting. As an exercise, I attempted to draw House members on the various committees as well as witnesses while they were speaking on the stand. Here are the results, arranged in a grid. Day One, House Intelligence Committee, plus witnesses.
Day Two, House Intelligence Committee and select witnesses
House Judiciary Committee and witnesses
I don't like this guy. Still don't like him.
I made this at the beginning of the Trump presidency in 2017, as a coping mechanism. I was very upset. I'm still upset. I did the voiceover, which may explain why it doesn't really sound like him. 
I made this poster for the second Women's march in January 2018 and used it also for the protest in support of immigrants, in June 2018.
I took some notes during the GOP Primary debate in late 2015, in case you missed it.
Very informative notes from yet another clown car GOP primary debate in 2015
2012 quartet of republican candidates from primary debate
Portrait of Dick Cheney published in the the LA Weekly, 2003
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